Saturday, 6 January 2018

6/1/18 Walk around Norwich

So no specific route or even walk today just a general walk around Norwich to see some of the sights.  Total covering of 6.5 miles.

We got the train in to save on the stresses of trying to find a parking space that was also child friendly but also cut down on costs.   Four of us plus the baby was a total of £19 return from Attleborough.  Not bad really apart from the conductors machine breaking down on the train ride in and so had to queue up at the barrier to buy our tickets.

Our first port of call was Middleton bar and grill for lunch.  The service was great and the food was excellent. Our waiter even managed to get a smile from our daughter, so all you men with hair that previously Jasmine hasn't been keen on, there's hope for you yet! 

From there we walked up through the streets of Norwich to the Roman Catholic cathedral St John the Baptist.  The different gargoyles looking down from the rooftops were fascinating and even though I'm not a fan of the rain, I did want to see what they would look like if water was coming out of their mouths or in some cases vases.  There was some sort of lunch going on for children in a function room with lots of Christmas carols being sung. It was lovely to hear on the twelfth day, and therefore last day, of Christmas.

We then wandered down the hill towards the other large cathedral in Norwich, namely Norwich Cathedral.  Just like the previous cathedral the building was an imposing yet magnificent feet of architecture.  Inside, the stained glass windows were beautiful and there was still a feeling of Christmas that I simply loved.

Walking back to the train station we went down some old streets to the river walk.  By then the light was fading with the setting sun, yet the lights from the city made it an atmospheric walk.  Only slightly ruined by the football fans out for the big Norwich vs Chealsea game.

Our day of wandering ended with a quiet train ride home since our little girl finally fell asleep.

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