Friday, 19 January 2018

19/1/18 Walk around Brighton

Today I have walked the longest route so far this year; 7.71 miles and 17351 steps! 

It's been a while since we came to Brighton and really not much had changed.  Strangely though, in all the years I have been with Bob, we had never been to the Sealife centre.  So after our customary walk up to the end of the pier and back we took the tunnel under the road to the entrance.

It's a pretty standard Sealife centre, made more enjoyable by the wonder on my daughter's face of seeing that the world has lots of different sizes and shapes of fish.

From there we went back down onto the sea front for some al fresco fish and chips.  Thankfully the seagulls didn't see any of the fish or chips that my daughter decided she didn't want to eat and had thrown on the floor, so our meal went unraided.

Before catching our train back to our resting place I wanted to get a few things from The Lanes.  These are often the times when I wish I had more money.  However, I did manage to find some bargains so we didn't leave too empty handed.

I'm pretty impressed with my mile coverage today, although my phone tells me that only 7K of my steps were classed as healthy 😮 So note to self, less dawdling more pace!

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