Thursday, 11 January 2018

11/1/18 - Walk around Shropham

So this walk looks a bit back and forth, which I guess it was.  Today we were out walking for two purposes.

1: To visit the local butcher DJ Barnard who not only sells good quality meat and eggs but is also super friendly.  The shop itself is hidden around the back of the houses and you'd easily miss it if you weren't looking properly.  Trust me, the first time my mum and I went in the car we pasted it 3 times and then gave up.   There is a sign set off from the narrow lane just behind the gate into the property, but you'd easily miss it. In foot though it's blatantly obvious.  I've been a few times now, but that first time I went and the back of his house I did wonder what I might find.

2: To deliver some parcels that had come to the wrong address.  I've never experienced anything like this sort of wrongly delivered post.  Because in fairness to the postie, there are 3 sets of houses that are numbered between 1 and 6 along our road, it's just that 2 sets of houses actually have house names as opposed to numbers.  Confused?? Yes we are too, but it occasionally gives me a nice excuse to go for a walk.

There was a third reason, which was to allow my wee girl to have her morning nap while we walked, but as she only fell asleep 10 minutes before I couldn't really count it.  Gone are the days of going out in the buggy to help her sleep; the world is just too exciting and in all honesty I'd have to agree.

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